ChrisEMarck Photography – Established January 2014

I interrupt this 365(ish) Project (yes…already!!) to say that yesterday, I got a tad ahead of myself.

You see, yesterday, my very own, very first logo of my whole life was delivered to me, and I just had to start slapping it all over this blog as soon as possible without officially introducing it. A little out of order (as a lot of things will be for a bit here until I catch up with myself…) but anyway…. here goes:

My wonderful friend and former client (from my PR agency days), Ms. Megan Larson, owner and designer at M Rock Creative: ( and

gladly accepted the challenge to create a fun new logo to use on this journey of mine. As many in PR and marketing know, PR people (AKA: me in my “day job”) know pretty much nothing about design. What I did know was that I needed a logo to brand my work & Ms. Megan was the one for the job. She’s so great – all I had to do was give her a few ideas of colors and sample logos that intrigued me, and voila, this was born:


It is completely cute & the colors kind of coincidentally fit perfectly into the blog that I had been working on before the logo idea came along.

Megan is super easy to work with, did an awesome job, and had quick turn around even while juggling her own life, including wifehood, momdome & her own day job!

If you ever have a need for graphic design work, remember Megan. Check out her website and Facebook page. She does all kinds of stuff (she will even custom design wedding invites, etc. – how cool is that?)!!

Thanks a million, Megan!!! I guess I am now official!!


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