The Good Boy – Family Dogs – 2013

And now, I need to introduce my long-suffering main model, our Good Boy, Bentley – aka: Sweet Pea, aka: the Sweetest Pea, aka: Newman (as in Helloooo Newman from Seinfeld. Not because he looks like Newman or anything, but just because he is always kind of lurking at the door waiting to be let in like Seinfeld’s Newman 🙂

Now almost four years old, he is the sweetest, spazziest, smile-iest little boy ever. My sister told us that a family she knew needed to rehome him when he was five months old. We met him, and in about five minutes, he was ours.This little love-ball has brought so much joy and laughter to our lives, and we are so very thankful to my sis for bringing him into our world. He fits so perfectly that I truly believe he was meant to be not just in any family – but in our family. He holds his own against his big Auntie and Cousin doggies, is happy all the time, and pretty much just loves everyone and everything. I will say he doesn’t entirely love the camera, but he lets me practice on him a lot. Here are some fun Good Boy shots from 2013:



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