365 (ish) Project – Flowers in the Yard

Just when you least expect it, the 365ish Project returns!! Nothing like keeping ya guessing, huh? 🙂 In this post, I will attempt to make up for lost time by sharing multiple shots that I took on this the 116th day of the year. Now, I am not really big on photographing flowers. Don’t get me wrong, I think flowers are beautiful, and I enjoy them very much – but I just don’t think to photograph them very often. But today, as I went out to walk our little furball, I noticed gorgeous blooms in our yard, and I remembered that these Colorado beauties don’t tend to stick around very long. They pop and then they are gone almost as fast as they came. So I thought, what better way to preserve them than by capturing a few shots and sharing them here? Plus, it seemed like a pretty great way to reignite my 365ish Project! This is Flowers in the Yard:

Flowers in the Yard 6 Flowers in the Yard 5 Flowers in the Yard 4 Flowers in the Yard 1 Flowers in the Yard 3 Flowers in the Yard 2 Flowers in the Yard


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