New Friends at the Dog Park – Kid and Pet Photography

Yesterday my dear friend and I got together and had our dogs meet for the first time at the local dog park. Our little guys hit it off pretty much right away – after taking turns with obligatory sniffs, of course. I was happy that my pal also had her beautiful, sweet, silly girls in tow. Who knew that they’d teach a life lesson just by being there. Since our kiddos are just about grown, I had forgotten one magical thing about little ones — just like our doggies, they make friends in an instant! These girls met other little girls (and even new dogs) who happened to be at the park, and without even a second thought, just decided to be pals. The older girls were even calling each other “Friend” because they hadn’t asked the other’s name yet :-). What a world it would be if grown ups did the same — become friends with someone new in an instant – no guard up, no judgement, no questions, just childlike acceptance. Here are some scenes from the dog park:


And They Call it Puppy Love Little Miss and Her Little Pal A Little Sis and Her Dog A Big Sis and Her Dog From Strangers to Instant Doggie Pals From Strangers to Instant Pals From Strangers to Instant Pals These Boots are Made For Walkin' Miss C


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