Our Not-So-Little Kiddo: Head Shot, Portrait Photography

Many budding photographers have little kiddos at home, offering endless opportunities to practice their photog skills. As I have written in the past, our kiddos are not quite so little anymore – but the other day, I finally had the chance to take one, my stepson, out for a shoot. And, well – in my humble opinion, awesomeness ensued. It is quite possible that some of these images could spur this guy into a new career in modeling and/or acting, and I am just thrilled to have been able to be able to photograph him. Modeling/acting or otherwise, both of our not-so-little kiddos can do anything they set their minds to, and we are excited to see where their paths take them. (Now, if our other not-so-little kiddo and their darling dad/my darling husband would sit for me, my world would be complete :-)!)098v2web243web 🙂


176web 122v3web251web 259web 211web    038web 217v2web289web 055web


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