Tennis, Anyone? – Northern Colorado Sports Photography

About 20 months ago, I picked up my camera for the first time. Not too long after that, I picked up a tennis racquet. Since then, I’ve been working at both, but am going to go out on a limb here and say that I think my photography skills have surpassed my tennis skills.:-) Perhaps if I would have started each thing at about ten years old, like this gentleman, I might be a little further along ;-). But, I continue to work at both and really enjoy learning and seeing progress. But enough about me…it was pretty great getting to photograph this fine young man/excellent tennis player the other evening. He’s also a really wonderful instructor to kiddos and adults alike, and is about to take his career as a tennis pro to the next level at a club a few miles down the road. We did some portraits for his club’s website, then I got to have some fun working on my sports photography…then then Kenny knocked the ball around with this old lady for a while. Did I mention, he’s a really good sport too? 🙂

Ball-in-Racket Eye-on-Ball Eye-on-Ball-2 Net-Play Overhead

Serve-it-Up Sunset At-Net



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