Warm Autumn Afternoon 2 – Northern Colorado Family Photography

Looks like it is two-fer-Wednesday around here, with some shots from another awesome family session taken on a beautiful fall day. This was my first opportunity to photograph a family with grown kiddos (well college-age I guess is pretty grown… almost grown? anyway…) other than my own family, and what a hoot it was! I was thinking that many of the shots would be out of focus because these guys had me cracking up. It was silly and fun and full of laughter and love. Mom and Dad are getting ready to move out of the area, and the kiddos are heading off in their own directions (to another state and even another country) when college is through, and they wanted some family portraits before all of that happens. What a joy it was for me to have been able to capture their time together, hanging out in northern Colorado.

Bro-and-Sis Bro-and-Sis-2 Fam-by-Tree Mom-Dad-and-the-Kids Posing-on-the-Path-2 Reflection Taking-a-Stroll Bridge


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