Warm Autumn Afternoon – Northern Colorado Family Photography

So, despite the title of this post, the current temperature in northern Colorado is -2 degrees and snow is falling. Yes there is bundling up and shoveling that needs to be done. But I would much rather spend a day like this sharing photos from the last few weeks, when the weather was, well – not like it is today at all. I so appreciate this wonderful family for inviting me to spend time with them that day, capturing their smiles, laughter, and love. Oh and I found out that like me, mom is a Jersey Girl (yes, Jersey Girl needs to be capitalized), so that made working with these guys even more awesome  :-). In all seriousness though, it truly is always such a joy for me to get to be a small part happy family times, and to photograph memories that my families will hopefully look back on for years to come. What a cool thing to get to do! Here are a few highlights from another fun session. Barn-2 Brother-Photo-Bomb Dad-and-Boys Fam-Time Mom-and-Boys Mom-and-Dad No-Peeking Autumn-Afternoon-2 Barn-1


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