The Year that Was and the Year that is to Come

2014, The Year that Was: Last January, I decided to start this page, and see where I could go with this whole photography “thing.” I posted early photos from my first “real camera,” came up with a name for whatever was that I was doing, got a logo designed, and made a feeble attempt at a 365 Project. As 365 turned into 365ish, then completely fell by the wayside, something incredible began to happen. I started to get requests from folks who wanted me to take photographs for them!

In the last year, I’ve been blessed to have done so many awesome photo sessions with families, pets, pets and their people, buns-in-the-oven, special events, head shots, and even spreads for a magazine. And, I got to use some of my skills in my nonprofit marketing day job. I am truly grateful for each and every session.

From January 2014 to today, I have learned and grown so much with each and every shoot and editing session, and I could not have done so without everyone who has taken their places on the other side of my lens. On top of the learning and growing though, it brings me such joy to be able to capture moments, life, and memories that folks can cherish. Again, I thank each of you so much. And I thank everyone who has supported me in this effort, especially my husband, family, and friends. Here are just some of many highlights from my 2014:

Year-in-Review-1 Year-in-Review-2


2015, What’s to Come: I am beyond excited for this New Year and for all that lies ahead in this journey. There is, of course, always more learning and growing to be done, so I look forward to continuing my photography education, both in the classroom and in real life.

Thanks again so much and Happy New Year! May 2015 be a year of wonderful, amazing, blessings, and every good thing in life for one and all.


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