Super Special Family Session on a Beautiful Fall Morning – New Jersey Family Photographer

It brings me such joy to finally be back behind the camera doing what I love, and working with this beautiful crew for my first shoot after a few months away was extra-special for me. I have known Momma my whole life. Literally. We “met” in high school and became friends. Then one day, when our Moms found out we were friends, we learned that we are actually distant cousins through marriage, and that we had met way before high school – when we were babies playing in the same crib or playpen or something. As life goes sometimes, young adulthood took us separate ways again, but several years ago, the good side of social media brought us back in touch, and we’ve been reconnected ever since. When it was time for hubbie, doggie, and I to move, it was my friend/cousin who helped us find the place we now call home. To see her so happy with her wonderful husband, her sweet, silly, adorable, delightful, little boy, and her first child (the four-legged one) makes me smile. And, to have been able to capture just a few glimpses of that happiness means the world to me. Thanks, guys, for getting up at the crack of dawn and braving the chilly fall morning shoot, and for getting me back out there again. You guys are the best!!!


Sweet-Kiddo Love-My-Mom





Dad and Son



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