2015 Never-Before-Seen: Newborn Photo Session

There are just a few days left before 2015 comes to a close, and I am finally sitting down to catch up and reflect on my photography from this wild, wonderful, wacky year. In doing so, I came across some of my absolute favorite photos, which I am very long overdue in posting. No matter how much time goes by though, these images – from my first newborn session with a very special little guy – will always mean so much to me. He has since grown into a not-so-little, happy, smiley, bouncing (quite literally) baby boy who brings such joy and laughter into everyone’s life. I am so grateful that his mom and dad entrusted me to capture some of his earliest precious moments, and I so look forward to capturing other precious moments in his life every chance I get. Here are just a few highlights from our sweet, sweaty, silly, newborn session earlier this year:

Baby-Boy-and-Daddy Hanging-With-Dad Dreaming-of-a-Winter-Wonderland

Holding-Hands MyDad The-Sweetest-Thing Tiny-Feet-Mom-Hands-Equals-Heart Wedding-Rings


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