Snowbirds & Such – Wildlife Photography

Here are just a few of our many feathered friends who came out for some snacks after last week’s blizzard, along with the squirrels who always seem to be out there goofing around, and taunting our little dog. Though I have never been much of a bird person (long, wacky story), the Cardinals in particular fascinate me. I love that they came here as a couple (the male the brilliant red and the female tan-ish with red accents), and what that they represent. Several months ago, a friend and I had talked about the red birds in this area and how cool it will be to photograph them in the snow. I have caught glimpses of them in the months since we’ve been here, but they never seem to stick around very long. Needless to say, I was thrilled when they showed up and stayed for a while after the storm, giving me the chance and the challenge to capture these fast-moving creatures against the snow-white backdrop. It was a challenge indeed – so I am looking forward to giving it another go whenever Mother Nature decides to send more fluffy white stuff our way (hoping from here on out she will go a little easy on us though – that was a rough one, even after having spent so much time in Colorado)!

Female-Cardinal-In SnowFemale-Cardinal-In Snow 2




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