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Of course, it’s cliché to write this in a photo blog – but I have to do it anyway: I have always loved photography. There. I said it. For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to photos above all other art forms – but never tried it for myself in any kind of serious way. Then, a few short years ago, after countless passing comments about how I’d love to learn to take great photos, my husband put a “real” camera in my hands, enrolled me in a few professional photography courses, and set me on my way at the ripe old age of, well, 40something (let’s just leave it at that :-)).

What started as something that could be fun to try has become quite a bit more than that for me. A couple of years and life twists and turns into whatever “that” is, I still love every second of it. I learn and strive to grow with every shot I take, and in the process, get to capture snippets of life, interesting scenes, and special moments for others to cherish – that has got to be my very favorite part.

Thanks for taking a peek.

Contact Info:  Feel free to email me at chrisemarckphotography@gmail.com. You can also find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/chrisemarckphotography.


Closing Credits (AKA – Extra Special Thanks): To my wonderful hubby for getting me started, and for your unending support and encouragement of this adventure. I can’t thank you enough. I also so appreciate the guidance and advice my already-amazing photographer friends have helped me along the way. Giant thanks as well to my friends and family (including the four-legged family ones) who have so patiently taken your places on the other side of my lens so I can practice, learn, and grow, and to those who have simply shared an encouraging word since this whole thing began.

I am beyond grateful, and thank you all for being part of my journey.

2 thoughts on “About/Contact Info

  1. I love your photos – and today was a surprise – I have a hair stylist friend that posts a photo every day of an exotic, gorgeous model. When I opened Facebook my first thought as I glanced at my page was OMG – that model looks exactly like Brooke!!! Well it was your photo not his – and yes, indeed, she is exotic and gorgeous – and beautifully photographed.

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