Mom, Dad & All Their Kids: New Jersey Family & Pet Photographer

Oh my goodness – what a long, cold, wacky winter we had!! I am overjoyed that spring has finally sprung and that I got to have my first session of this season with this awesome crew! You may recognize the three gorgeous (human 🙂 ) kiddos from the fun kids-only session we did last fall. This time, they got their lovely Mom and Dad and their two sweet doggie big sisters in on the fun too. Mom and Dad’s first babies, the two dogs truly are family. They are cherished, loving, and trusty companions to each of their humans, and will always hold a special place in each of their hearts. It was so special for me to have the opportunity to capture a few precious moments for this wonderful family. Here are a few highlights:



Christmastime Fun at the Tree Farm: New Jersey Family Photographer

It is that time of year again! Time for what is now becoming an annual event with three of my favorite humans. 🙂 And, for this year’s session, we welcome their newest four-legged family member — their eight-month-old Boxer puppy. It has been such a joy for me to get to work with these guys year after year, and to capture sweet, silly family moments for them as their little man grows and changes. This extra-happy, super-smiley kiddo keeps us cracking the entire shoot, and always knows how to strike an excellent pose. I can’t wait for their Christmas card to arrive in my mailbox! Also can’t wait to see what their little star comes up with for our next session!! AB




Big Bro, Baby Sis, Mom & Dad – New Jersey Family Photographer

This wonderful family was on the other side of my lens a few months back for baby sister’s baptism — a special day indeed! I am, of course, thrilled to have gotten to spend another special time with them (and Mickey too!) at their laughter-filled family photo session on a glorious fall afternoon not too long ago. These four are lots of fun and obviously share tons of love. And, big brother and baby sister already share a very special bond. He is an excellent big brother, and it is easy to see that even at less than a year old, she thinks he is pretty great. It is the kind of sweetness you wish siblings everywhere could share not just in childhood, but throughout their lifetimes. Here are a few highlights from our session.



Super Special Family Session on a Beautiful Fall Morning – New Jersey Family Photographer

It brings me such joy to finally be back behind the camera doing what I love, and working with this beautiful crew for my first shoot after a few months away was extra-special for me. I have known Momma my whole life. Literally. We “met” in high school and became friends. Then one day, when our Moms found out we were friends, we learned that we are actually distant cousins through marriage, and that we had met way before high school – when we were babies playing in the same crib or playpen or something. As life goes sometimes, young adulthood took us separate ways again, but several years ago, the good side of social media brought us back in touch, and we’ve been reconnected ever since. When it was time for hubbie, doggie, and I to move, it was my friend/cousin who helped us find the place we now call home. To see her so happy with her wonderful husband, her sweet, silly, adorable, delightful, little boy, and her first child (the four-legged one) makes me smile. And, to have been able to capture just a few glimpses of that happiness means the world to me. Thanks, guys, for getting up at the crack of dawn and braving the chilly fall morning shoot, and for getting me back out there again. You guys are the best!!!


Sweet-Kiddo Love-My-Mom





Dad and Son



Frederick the Frog – Central New Jersey Pet Photographer

The I Heart Faces (http://iheartfaces.com) Pet Photo Challenge is open to images of all critters, wildlife included, so I chose Frederick the Frog for my second submission. Named by our nephews, Frederick could very well be Frederica for all we know. He or she magically appeared in our fish pond not too long ago and seems to have chosen us to be his/her people. So while technically wildlife, he or she has also become a pet to us as well. 🙂


Photo Challenge Submission


King of the Castle: Denver, Colorado Pet Photography

Well. Here it is the start of Month Three of 2015. And, so far this year, my posts are once again coming at a snail’s pace. <sigh> In all fairness, it is a time of transition, so in some ways I feel like the snail’s pace is okay (for now anyway). The time will come when all of that will change, and I can’t truly wait.

In the meantime, though, there is this guy — a regal king who graciously shared his castle with a group of friends/former colleagues who came together for a mini-reunion not too long ago. His mom spoke so glowingly about him beforehand that I just had to have my camera in tow that night. Then, I was sure to keep it nearby at all times, as the king began striking what appeared to be very intentional poses as the evening went on. It was a real treat for me to get to photograph him. Here are just a few shots of this gorgeous creature.

Lounging-around-2 Im-a-model Sitting-Pretty Straight-Ahead