There’s No Friend Like a Sister: New Jersey Family Photographer

What a joy it was for me to work with this beautiful family! I think we caught the tail end of our stretch of unusually warm, nice fall weather when we met at an awesome little spot near the water which Mom suggested. It offers a nice beachy setting (these guys love the beach), as well as park, and garden areas. Lots of fun backdrops! As seems be be a theme in my shoots lately, Big Sis was ready to go with perfect poses, and was happy to help guide Baby Sis (who was probably more interested in exploring the our fun location than anything else 🙂 ) through our session. These two blonde little beauties all dressed in blue are so sweet together, they are surely going to be blessed with lifelong friendship. How awesome! Here are a few highlights from our session:





A Mom and Her Men: New Jersey Family Photographer

We had a stretch of beautiful, warm, late-October weather in these parts this year, which made for some pretty perfect conditions for family photos. This lovely mom and her three favorite guys joined me on one of those perfect weather days to capture some special, fun family moments. What’s more, we got to mark an important milestone — the littlest man’s very first birthday! Big brother is so caring and attentive with his little bro, and did his part to make sure that the birthday boy was happy, giggling, and smiling for the camera. He did a great job for sure. 🙂 Here are a few highlights from a fun time with this sweet clan:




Family of Three on a Fall Afternoon: New Jersey Portrait Photographer

Fall family photo season is here once again, and I am so happy to be back to doing what I love, at what just so happens to be my favorite time of year.  I got to work with another really wonderful family and capture some happy memories for them (that’s the best part, and I feel truly blessed). We met on a gorgeous afternoon at a quiet park where we watched their little guy run, climb, and explore as much as he possibly could. He is so full of energy, so happy, so carefree, and is very obviously the apple of Mom and Dad’s eyes. It was a joy for me to photograph a few moments of this time in their lives together. Here are some highlights from our session:

Boy-on-StepsWalk-in-WoodsFamHangin-by-the-barnHappy-FamilyI-Heart My MomK-i-ss-InGMom-and-MeDad-and-MeFun-in-Garden


Three Generations ~ New Jersey Family Photographer

There were birthdays galore and smiles all around during this wonderful family session from earlier this month. Grandma and Grandpa were visiting from out of state, and everyone gathered to celebrate multiple July birthdays, which several members of this family just so happen to share. In fact, the matriarch of the family explained that her daughters arranged the photo session with the whole clan as a gift to her for her birthday. How special is that? The closeness, love, and laughter this family shares is apparent, and I am honored to have been asked to capture a little of that for them. It was a lot of fun to work with all of them too. Here are a few highlights:

Ba-Sis-2BrotherBa-SisBig-Sis-3Da-MeDncin-w-MmCousinsFamFirst-there-were-FourGma-GlsGrands-and-Grands-2G-TsM-and-DM-and-GrMore FamSibsSisEs2v2Three-GensWhole-Fam





Summer Morning at the Park – New Jersey Family Photographer

A few weeks back, I got to spend a pretty summer morning at the park photographing this beautiful family. With every session I do, I feel so incredibly blessed to get to meet and work with such wonderful people — and this time was no different. Through the warmth and the sunshine of that early summer day, the little ones were just as sweet and smiley as a photographer could hope for. Big Sis is little natural on the other side of the lens — her poses made me grin. And, Baby Sis is a happy little doe-eyed bundle with a smile as big as the sky. Mom and Dad are pretty great themselves :-). Thanks so much to all of you for letting me capture a few special moments for you. Here are a few highlights from our session:

Arbor_Big-Sis Happy-GirlLovely-LavendarMom-and-Girls-3My-Dad-and-MeSerious-FaceSistersStrike-a-PoseThe-Fam


Mom, Dad, and Their Girls – Springtime in New Jersey – NJ Family Photographer

It is a joy for me to be back after a bit of a break with another family photo session post — just as it was a joy for me to get to photograph this lovely family a few weeks ago. We met at a vast and glorious park in north/central New Jersey. This state, you may be surprised to learn, is home to many really incredible, expansive parks, which make awesome backdrops for photo sessions and give the little ones tons of room to run (often a much-needed component in family photo shoots). As anyone who has ever pointed a camera at a toddler knows, it can be a bit of a challenge to get them stay still long enough to get a good shot, let alone to smile on cue. Trying to get the littlest member of this family to do those very things made for lots of fun and laughs that day. Big Sis, Mom, and Dad all got giggles out of her — and out of me at the same time. It is obvious, even just being around them for a little while, that these four share a great deal of love and a sweet, happy, joy-filled life together. I am grateful to have been invited to capture some of that, and hope they enjoy their photos for years to come.



Giant Smiles & Lots of Laughs on a Crazy-Windy Day | New Jersey Family Photographer

I couldn’t help but grin as I worked through the images from my super-fun, extra-windy photo session with these familiar faces not long ago. Of course, you always hope for great “photo shootin’ weather.” Sometimes your wish comes true, but other times, you just have to go for it, even if conditions are less than ideal. This was one of those “other times.” We somehow managed to dodge the wind long enough to get some nice shots with mom, dad, and their silly, sweet little man, who is surely destined for stardom! He has a smile as big as the sky, strikes a pose like he’s been modeling his whole life, and is overflowing with joy, laughter, and personality. I just adore these guys and am happy to get to capture moments like these for them: