Summer Morning at the Park – New Jersey Family Photographer

A few weeks back, I got to spend a pretty summer morning at the park photographing this beautiful family. With every session I do, I feel so incredibly blessed to get to meet and work with such wonderful people — and this time was no different. Through the warmth and the sunshine of that early summer day, the little ones were just as sweet and smiley as a photographer could hope for. Big Sis is little natural on the other side of the lens — her poses made me grin. And, Baby Sis is a happy little doe-eyed bundle with a smile as big as the sky. Mom and Dad are pretty great themselves :-). Thanks so much to all of you for letting me capture a few special moments for you. Here are a few highlights from our session:

Arbor_Big-Sis Happy-GirlLovely-LavendarMom-and-Girls-3My-Dad-and-MeSerious-FaceSistersStrike-a-PoseThe-Fam


Beautiful Family. Blustery Day. – New Jersey Family Photographer

It’s been a few months since I’ve had the opportunity to hold a family photo session. In spite of my starts and stops, I just love it, and I am always so grateful to get behind the camera whenever I get the chance. What a joy it was to get back to it with these guys – a lovely, fun couple and their adorable, two-year-old, little trooper. Though you might not be able to tell from the photos, it was quite a chilly, blustery day when we went out for our shoot. The little star of the show would much rather have been cozy at home after his long day, I am sure. He hung in there, though, and gave us plenty of awesome smiles – especially when Mom and Dad made him giggle and when he spotted an airplane flying high up in the sky. But the fun really began when his two cousins arrived to share the spotlight with him for a little bit. Cold and wind aside, it was a fun time in the park. Here are a few highlights:




New Friends at the Dog Park – Kid and Pet Photography

Yesterday my dear friend and I got together and had our dogs meet for the first time at the local dog park. Our little guys hit it off pretty much right away – after taking turns with obligatory sniffs, of course. I was happy that my pal also had her beautiful, sweet, silly girls in tow. Who knew that they’d teach a life lesson just by being there. Since our kiddos are just about grown, I had forgotten one magical thing about little ones — just like our doggies, they make friends in an instant! These girls met other little girls (and even new dogs) who happened to be at the park, and without even a second thought, just decided to be pals. The older girls were even calling each other “Friend” because they hadn’t asked the other’s name yet :-). What a world it would be if grown ups did the same — become friends with someone new in an instant – no guard up, no judgement, no questions, just childlike acceptance. Here are some scenes from the dog park:


And They Call it Puppy Love Little Miss and Her Little Pal A Little Sis and Her Dog A Big Sis and Her Dog From Strangers to Instant Doggie Pals From Strangers to Instant Pals From Strangers to Instant Pals These Boots are Made For Walkin' Miss C